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Appetite Magazine
August, 2010
About Torte

Welcome to Torte!

We are a new kid on the block, at 96 Waterloo Street SCWO Centre, to be exact.

We are delighted to serve you surprises every time you visit. That is why we do not have the
same old boring menu every time you dine with us. Instead, we rather serve you fresh new
creations by our Executive Chef Jason Ong (aka Pai Kia Chef).

Don't forget to check out our signature Torte Sliders (mini burgers if you must ask),
and signature chocolate torte, served with piping hot gourmet coffee, made from some of the
finest coffee beans in the market, or a nice cup of tea.

For our Executive Chef, Jason, what started off as a passion for dessert back when he was in
the USA became what is known as Torte today, a company that specializes in not just divine
desserts but also fusion cuisine that will surprise you every time.

Our Executive chef, Jason Ong, is a professional photographer .
He specializes in botanicals and food photography where some of his works have been
displayed at the Lincoln Centre and World Trade Centre in the USA. Some of his works
have also recently been displayed at the Peranakan museum. Jason is currently the in house
food photographer for the Peranakan magazine. 

Jason is also a landscape designer, specializing in container planting and edibles. Growing
them organically has always been his credo. It is this knowledge and experiences that give
him the edge to continuously create innovative cuisine.

Combining his creativity in photography, knowledge in botanicals and passion for cooking
provides him with the skills to dish out a variety of cuisine to awaken your palate.

Jason is not new to the F&B scene as he has fed from 4 to about 100 diners at one seating.
From private home dining where he tailors your menu for up to 6 diners to being a guest chef
at Bollywood Veggies where he has whipped up food for up to 100 diners.