We specialize in two unique desserts; chocolate torte and flan.

These two desserts are traditional comfort foods originating from the Central European
and Spanish era.

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We also offer savouries like cheesy pineapple nuggets and coconut macaroons.

Chocolate torte has a rich chocolate flavor with an almost pudding-like texture with
a broken and cracked surface and sunken top. The beauty of our chocolate torte lies in
the dense and smooth texture that melts in your mouth like butter.

It is different from brownies and chocolate cakes because it does not contain flour.
As such, the centre of the cake sinks more than the outside and this is the main characteristic
of chocolate torte.

Our chocolate torte is suitable for diabetics  in modest quantity because we do not use cane
sugar. Instead, we use fruit sugar and diabetics are allowed to consume up to 25g of fruit
sugar without raising the level of their blood sugar levels. 

Every chocolate torte is made by Jason using only the finest ingredients and you can be
assured that every torte is of the highest quality.  Each torte weighs between 1 to 1.2 kg,
and cost $45.

Flan is a traditional Spanish dessert with humble origins. It is the cousin to the crème brulee.
abeit a more elegant, classy and rich dessert that is suitable for any occasion.

Flan is a family dessert that is suitable for both the young and the young at heart. It is the only
dessert found in Singapore that uses cream and fructose to replace condensed milk. Therefore,
it is suitable for diabetics in modest quantity. Each flan weighs between 800 to 900 grams,
and cost $35.