Home Dining Concept

Home dining allows diners the privacy of their dinner, with great quality food, along with a touch of
professionalism. This is what Torte endeavours to achieve each time; allowing diners to enjoy the
experience of a full service restaurant, yet providing a cozy ambience and personalized service. Imagine
dining with your friends, with a personal chef and wait staff catering to your every need.

Our dining area seats between four to six diners to optimize space and comfort.  Our executive chef will
personalize your menu, according to your requests, prepared with the freshest produce hand-picked from
the market and infused with organically grown herbs and spices from our garden. Our chef will also
include some organically grown fruits/produce from our garden as part of the personalized menu.
Therefore, you can almost always expect something unique in your menu.

Below are two sample menus from our recent launch.

Japanese Fusion:

Cold Organic Tofu with Assorted Mushrooms in Dashi sauce

Shrimp Dumplings with kelp and chicken broth served with vinaigrette dipping sauce

Baked Sesame Encrusted Salmon
Roasted New Potatoes with Garlic, Onions and Rock Salt
Asparagus with Garlic, Balsamic Vinegar and Oil



Fried calamari
Steam mussels in tomato reduction and herbs

Chicken Scarpariello
Linguini with mushrooms in pesto cream sauce and truffle oil
Sautee spinach in garlic and oil

Torte with vanilla Ice Cream.

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